Best Way to Remove .oops file ransomware


Analysis on .oops file ransomware

If you find that your personal documents and files are renamed with unknown extension and you are not able to open them, your PC is infected with Ransomware. And .oops file ransomware is one of them causing such severe issue. Same here, it could likewise bring about numerous scamsto bother you. It could be utilized to remotely control your PC by programmer. You ought not take it easy. Because it will finally destroy your PC.

how to delete .oops file ransomware

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Remove GJDKSLEEEEE.RU Effectively



GJDKSLEEEEE.RU is an redirect virus getting inside your system along with adware which is well know for its misleading ads and malicious links. Users know that it is harmful, but in many situations, they cannot recognize it well and they will take it as a official recommendations. Thus, the most efficient way to avoid being cheated by it is to totally remove it from the PC. Thus, we think it is better for you to know more about it before everything is ready. Continue reading “Remove GJDKSLEEEEE.RU Effectively”

How Can I Remove Permanently is one of suspicious search page which is found recently and it is infecting more systems. What’s more, a large portion of us called it as browser hijacker, as it will do damage to your PC furthermore your property. Also, it carries on basically risky trick and numerous users can’t survive for this sort of misrepresentation. Whatever savant you will be, you will fall into this trap since it is excessively normal, making it impossible to draw in considerations from users. What’s more, its component is that you are set up if you miss a little hint of attentions. Continue reading “How Can I Remove Permanently”

Way to Get Rid of Totally


What is

Do you know what is You may have already encountered it while opening websites on your web browser. You could not remember you have take some efforts to get it inside. Naturally, you will think this is a system helper programs, and it should stay here to support the system operation. But it is not true. If you are prudent enough, you will find that it comes with a series of ads. This is just a hijacker caused by malicious potentially unwanted program (PUP).

uninstall ads has numerous ads templates which has been programmed by elite hackers. They could simply copy themselves to produce ads. So you will discover these ads normally look in the same structure. And where does the substance come? They are got from your daily behaviors. That is why this adware stays on the browsers where goes the most data and information. Then, your information will be most harmful weapons to hurt you. Continue reading “Way to Get Rid of Totally”

How Can I Get Rid of 888-738-7579 popup alert


Research on 888-738-7579 popup alert

888-738-7579 popup alert is sort of redirect virus whose sole objective is to evoke money from users. It will conductmany types of tricks. Their purpose is getting money from you. By far, many users tend to take it as a helpful system report. However, it is an unworthy assistant. If you happen to have this popup on your PC, we exceedingly recommend you to dispose of it right at this point.

888-738-7579 popup alert appears with a muddled system issue and alarms you that your PC is infect. It will also threaten thatif you don’t require the technical support, your PC will crash and you endure considerable money related lose. Truth be told, this sites are created and the issue is fake, while you should suffer the real lose. That is to say, with this popup on your PC, you lose your cash. Continue reading “How Can I Get Rid of 888-738-7579 popup alert”

Panasonic LX10 Review

Panasonic officially launched in September this year, the LX10 , this one inch card machine, this machine uses a card an inch 20.1 million pixel sensor, with 24-72mm equivalent focal length in 24mm maximum aperture of f / 1.4. Panasonic is an important promoter of 4K video, so LX10 equipped with Panasonic’s 4K family bucket package, not only high-quality 4K, 4K and has continuous shooting, cutting and 4K post-focus technology, almost can be seen on this small camera Panasonic all the housekeeping skills. The camera either performance or position, are one inch camera leader, today we look at the Panasonic LX10 how true strength, against already the fifth generation of Sony black card to have the kind of performance.F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic


For Panasonic, before there was a one-inch portable card camera, model ZS110, but this camera is the main line of the laptop, more emphasis on home travel, and can not be considered a real professional card machine. The LX10 , in fact, is derived from the original LX series, which is the upgrade LX7 ( LX10 overseas model LX9 or LX15), is a high-end card machine in the true sense, professional users can be used as a spare machine, or As a general user of household models. Of course, LX10 , the real competitor is the Sony RX100 series, so today we have chosen this review as a guest RX100V objects look LX10 in the end how well.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 camera

* Large aperture + excellent noise control a picture quality excellent one-inch camera

In the actual test, this Panasonic camera’s sensitivity is very good, to the author left a deep impression, even more than we used to cameo contrast Sony RX100V high sense of good close a file, so I feel that some Incredible. In addition, f / 1.4 large aperture can be, so that the camera’s ability to blur and low-light shooting ability to scale new heights. ( Click here for the test content )

· 4K family barrels small features worthy of praise

Panasonic’s 4K video is no doubt, therefore LX10 4K performance is powerful, but the author does not make what a surprise. But Panasonic is now in the camera to add a lot of 4K extension functions, such as 4K continuous shooting, 4K real-time cutting and post-focus technology. For Panasonic LX10 , I was most impressed by is the LX10 ‘s rear focusing technology, not only can choose the depth of field, and you can choose a different focus selective synthesis of depth of field, which for the average user to go to take a tour of this photo, simply artifact. ( Click here for the test content )

Focus is almost afraid to catch up with strong

Panasonic’s focus can be said that a large part of the technology from Panasonic’s camera focus, the user has been well received. This time LX10 focus performance did not disappoint, it can be said as long as you want, no LX10 catch up. (Of course, 72mm focal length you want to shoot birds and the like or do not think) ( Click here for the test content )

Pricing This is the biggest surprise

Overall, the Panasonic LX10 regarded now one inch in a class with the highest model, basically contains all of Panasonic’s special skill, but this camera is the biggest surprise comes from the official price of less than 5200, this Price is simply an inch high-end card machine market, a bomb for professional users full of attraction.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 parameter list

Through trial and test, I believe LX10 is a very good one inch camera, here we enter today Reviews, look at Panasonic LX10 actual performance of the camera exactly how the camera against the current black card 5, whether Have an advantage, or be able to win.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras2 design compact portable work well
* Compact and portable design excellent workmanship

First, let’s look at the Panasonic LX10 design, Panasonic LX10 design part comes from ZS110, equally glossy black casing, the left joined a small handle, grip better when used with one hand. Positive design of the fuselage is relatively good, especially at the top of the ladder design, design sense of relatively strong. Positive view, there is no model identification, only the Lumix and L logo, the lens is LEICA, equivalent focal length 24-72mm, at 24mm when f / 1.4 large aperture.

Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 front of the camera

Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation

Panasonic LX10 side of the fuselage

In the back of the fuselage design, LX10 and Panasonic no reverse camera button layout is almost identical. Body screen is 3.0 inches, 1.04 million pixels, the overall display effect, the brightness of good performance, color moderate, a good degree of reduction. This screen is reverse touch screen, you can flip up 180 degrees to facilitate self-timer, and the screen is very sensitive to touch, all operations can be completed by touch.



Panasonic LX10 -top design is relatively simple, push-button switch design but not the lever type. The top has a mode dial and the main pulsator, shutter button and near and far together with the card machine is standard. From here you can see the LX10 lens not only has a custom lens ring, and has an aperture ring.


Finally, LX10 battery compartment and memory card slot is still a one-piece, this time for a little machine necessary. Battery uses a 7.2V, 680mAh battery, Panasonic life consistent comparison to the force, LX10 time making a more than two hundred photos have no problems.

Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 battery compartment design

Overall, the Panasonic LX10 design author is more friendly, compact body, feel good, strong sense of metal, but do not worry about weight is enough to hold on. The lens has an aperture ring for easy adjustment of the aperture. Another point, Panasonic’s key layout is very scientific, parameter adjustment is very convenient, and the zoom accuracy is high, can be accurate to 1mm adjustment, unlike some cameras zoom out a few millimeters focal length, which praised.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras3 detail design very good handling characteristics
* Detailed design control performance is quite good

Here we look at the Panasonic LX10 details of the design, the first look at the lens. Panasonic LX10 shot with LEICA standard, coated in green, the lens focal length of 8.8-26.3mm, equivalent focal length of 24-72mm, the maximum aperture of f / 1.4, 35mm but from the beginning, the maximum aperture is f / 2.8, and it And Sony black card. Lens length, the boot when the shortest 24mm, 72mm longest.



At the top, there is no EVF viewfinder Panasonic, so the top is relatively clean. Fuselage for the disintegration of the design, all kinds of top keys are concentrated in the right side of the shutter button and video recording keys near the location. You can see the LX10 has an aperture ring, the aperture ring to adjust the 1/3 speed adjustment gear, gear clear, damping medium; however, since the lens is very compact, so adjust the aperture ring is time to pay attention not to touch the custom lens ring.


LX10 no EVF, so the flash on the left side of the fuselage, thus reducing the lens cover. Flash bounce height is also good, even if not from the near shadow shooting.


LX10 have HDMI and USB interface, you can directly use the USB charging more convenient. In addition, the body and not too much logo, looks very simple, I like it.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras4 contrast black card design is quite similar
* Contrast black card design is quite similar

This time, since we use Sony RX100V to guest, naturally, look at the appearance of contrast in these cameras. For one inch card machine, the most important feature is compact and lightweight, Panasonic LX10 in volume and Sony black card is basically the same, regardless of the size or thickness of the lens.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
LX10 Panasonic and Sony RX100 V volume size

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX10 0V thickness comparison

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation

Both the length of the camera lens contrast (the left Panasonic LX10 , the wide-angle end to the left, the right is the telephoto end)

LX10 is quite different and the black cards on the button layout, the black card is not the true sense of the dial, using the back of the line with the dial, and Panasonic LX10 has a Zhubo round. The two machines on the screen are 3.0 inches, but Panasonic has touch, Sony is currently only A6500 touch, other models do not have touch. Sony’s screen view, parameters in the image below, and Panasonic in the image.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX1 00V screen contrast

For Panasonic LX10 and Sony black card, body design can be quite similar. From the handling, the Panasonic has a touch screen, Sony has a viewfinder, but both weigh in fact I prefer Panasonic LX10 touch function, this function to some of the more practical. Fuselage aspects of the two machines are not very different, get started feel more approximate.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras5 Sensitivity Test unexpectedly high sense of performance
Sensitivity test High sense of unexpected performance

In fact, Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX100V are based on the one inch 20.1 million pixel CMOS sensor, Panasonic and based on the current situation this is probably Sony’s sensor, so sensitivity testing becomes a two algorithm and processor Compared.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
LX10 Panasonic and Sony RX100 contrast sensitivity V

Sony algorithm is notoriously bad, this generation RX100V measured in speed performance is not ye, found in LX10 sensitivity almost better than RX100V a file. This test, the Panasonic algorithm upgrade in recent years is quite obvious, and the image is very solid, not like the Sony one inch high sense of smear is very powerful. In the sensitivity test this one, Panasonic’s performance is really great.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras6 resolution, large aperture used a small aperture can improve
· Large aperture can be improved with small aperture

Here we look at the resolution of these two cameras contrast. Both are very close to the camera lens, Panasonic LX10 lens focal length equivalent to 24-72mm, maximum aperture of f / 1.4-2.8, while Sony RX100V was 24-70mm, slightly shorter telephoto 2mm, aperture of f / 1.8- 2.8. Contrast, we chose the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 72mm (Sony 70mm), look at the aperture at all levels of sharpness performance.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
LX10 Panasonic and Sony RX100 V 24mm Resolution Contrast

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX10 0V 35mm Resolution Contrast

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX1 00V 50mm Resolution Contrast

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 Sony RX100V contrast resolution telephoto end

By contrast you can see, Panasonic LX10 Sony black card RX100V resolution or less. Sony RX100V Zeiss lens performance is slightly better, especially in the f / 8 aperture, but the resolution of the two cameras did not pull a substantial gap. Panasonic and Sony’s large aperture are limited to 24mm, slightly enhance the focal length, is f / 2.8 for the maximum aperture. Two lenses in full performance can be accepted, Panasonic f / 1.4 fully open can also be used.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 Sony RX100V contrast resolution (70mm f / 4)

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 focus area 100% screenshot

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Sony RX100V focus area 100% screenshots

You can see, for small lenses, the performance of these two machines are remarkable resolution, Sony has a slight advantage, but not. Panasonic LX10 has f / 1.4 aperture, the image under low light easier to catch, but the two machines at the telephoto aperture fairly. However, in the real shot, I found the Sony RX100V lens in the “sub-link”, which is the time to beat the standard version of the score higher than Panasonic, but the actual performance and Panasonic Panasonic looks more solid and more solid, this should be Sony For black and white contrast optimization better reason.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras7 focus and image stabilization and accurate focusing fast recovery coke
· Focusing and image stabilization focus Fast focus is accurate

Panasonic’s AF system has a good reputation, and Sony RX100V AF system is also very tough, here we look at the differences in the two machines is the focus. First of all, let’s look at the difference between the speed of focus.

Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX100 V AF speed comparison video

LX10 Panasonic and Sony RX10 0V focus control video

Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX1 on 00V focusing basically the same speed, but Panasonic has touch focus, focus on a lot of easy to operate. Here we look at the recovery of two machines coke test.

Panasonic LX10 Sony RX100V recovery coke comparison video

In the recovery of focus, you can see two cameras can identify the recovery of coke objects. But Panasonic is the identification of the lower part of the small yellow, and Sony is a high contrast dark part. In any case, the two cameras are relatively coke to recover the powerful. Here we look at the Panasonic LX10 anti-shake performance. According to the official introduction, LX10 has a five-axis image stabilization, image stabilization and video support under, but unfortunately does not support 4K video under 5-axis image stabilization, image stabilization only full HD video support 5-axis.

Panasonic LX10 image stabilization Video

See Panasonic LX10 anti-shake performance performed well, shoot video in low light at night, and was still able to move the camera steady video quality. In the follow-up tests, we will see the power of five-axis image stabilization.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras8 CS CS LX10 with 4K rapid mode
· Continuous and 4K CS LX10 rapid mode

First, Panasonic LX10 highest 10fps shooting speed, focus tracking can be achieved under 6fps, conventional continuous shooting performance, though not one inch format currently the fastest, but the speed is fast enough to count. Just now we have seen LX10 tracking AF performance, since the LX10 during continuous shooting can maintain a continuous focus tracking, so availability is very high.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 Continuous display

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 Continuous display

Panasonic LX10 equipped with Panasonic’s full range of 4K family bucket. First of all, let’s take a look at 4K continuous shooting demo video. Different from the first generation, today’s 4K continuous shooting has three modes, not only the traditional one second continuous shooting, and can choose to have been 4K continuous shooting, resulting in a series of continuous shooting pictures.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 in 4K CS (S / S), the shutter can be controlled by continuous shooting, press the shutter start, then press the End

Panasonic LX10 camera 4K continuous shooting function display

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
4K continuous shooting single photo (you can see the effect of the relatively mild jelly)

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Ordinary continuous shooting pictures

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
4K continuous shooting practical application

You can see, Panasonic is now 4K continuous shooting has been able to do that raise the hand that is shot, the delay is very low, and the success rate is very high, one that is to solve the camera high-speed continuous shooting a good way. The so-called 4K continuous shooting is actually 4K photos, leaflets picture resolution to 800 million pixels or so, enough to meet the daily use.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras9 after focusing technology can synthesize a new version of the depth of field
· A new version of the post-focus technology enables the synthesis of depth of field

Panasonic AF technology has emerged almost a year, and now the post-focus technology can not only achieve the first shot after the focus, but also in the latter part of the depth of field selection and depth of field synthesis, nonsense, we see the video display.

Panasonic rear focus technology display

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Depth of field selection display

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panoramic depth synthesis

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Depth of field selection synthesis

Panasonic’s post-focus technology is now very mature, and computing speed can be considered good, based on the original, now the back focus can choose synthetic depth of field, and can choose which part of the synthetic depth of field. This technology for photography enthusiasts, is more of a pleasure for home users, in particular, there is a “sister shot to me, I have a virtual background are real,” the user, after Focusing technology is simply the Gospel ah.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras10 video test 4K resolution of outstanding
Video test 4K resolution excellent

For these two machines, 4K video is one of the highlights. Panasonic and Sony are the camera 4K video promoters, now have basically completed the popularity of 4K video. From the two machines point of view, not only have 4K, but also support 100Mbps high stream, here we look at 4K video resolution.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 4K video resolution test

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 4K video resolution test

In the 4K video, the resolution of the two machines basically the same performance. In other video performance, Panasonic’s handling is actually better than Sony, you can operate the video options are more, especially in the video focus performance, touch focus advantage is obvious. However, Panasonic’s video performance is mainly concentrated in the 4K video, and Sony more high-speed camera, which is slow motion video, which is Panasonic does not have.

Panasonic 4K cutting function

Panasonic 4K cutting function is also an important part of the barrel in 2016 Panasonic family, this feature allows users to shoot through the 4K technology, cutting out the full HD video, creating a sense of translation of the screen. For ordinary people to shoot a small video, the usefulness of this feature is good.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras11 Sign Tibetan scenery small sample under the camera
· Real shot sample camera under the Tibetan scenery

Here we look at the Panasonic LX10 real shot sample. Photo location for Tibet, all samples for the body JPG straight out, without any post-processing.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 18mm Aperture: f / 8.0 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/800 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 27mm Aperture: f / 8.0 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/640 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 1.4 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/125 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 2.5 ISO Sensitivity: 400
Exposure time: 1/15 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 4.0 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/2500 Exposure Compensation: -0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 26mm Aperture: f / 2.8 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/400 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 7.1 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/640 Exposure Compensation: -0EV White Balance: Auto

Panasonic LX10 workmanship great, shot in Tibet nothing to worry about the use of the camera. Panasonic’s next generation color control algorithm good, looks straight out of the effect has been greatly improved, and the information RAW file richer, the need for fine processing of a user, LX10 handle very big.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras12 low light samples high sensitivity shooting night in Hong Kong
* Low light sample high-sensitivity shooting night view of Hong Kong

Here we take a look at this camera’s high-performance, this group of photos taken from Hong Kong, the same straight for the body, without any post-processing.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 10mm Aperture: f / 1.6 ISO Sensitivity: 200
Exposure time: 1/50 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 23mm Aperture: f / 2.8 ISO Sensitivity: 400
Exposure time: 1/5 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 1.4 ISO Sensitivity: 400
Exposure time: 1/40 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 27mm Aperture: f / 2.8 ISO Sensitivity: 1600
Exposure time: 1/50 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 9mm Aperture: f / 1.4 ISO Sensitivity: 125
Exposure time: 1/80 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 11mm Aperture: f / 4.0 ISO Sensitivity: 1600
Exposure time: 1/6 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Focal length: 13mm Aperture: f / 2.8 ISO Sensitivity: 1600
Exposure time: 1/60 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Panasonic LX10 sense of high performance is very good, with the use of large aperture, low light without using a tripod can shoot. I liked LX10 five-axis image stabilization, so that really play a card machine to go with the beat with the advantage.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras13 Video sample stability is very good
* Video sample stability is very good

Here we look at the Panasonic LX10 video samples, all samples are used 4K video capture, have wanted to see the original film of friends can click to download . ( Download link )

Panasonic LX10 Video sample a

Panasonic LX10 Video sample two

Panasonic LX10 Video sample three

Panasonic LX10 Video sample four

Panasonic LX10 Video sample five

Panasonic LX10 video performance is quite good, especially hand-held shooting in low light, large aperture axis image stabilization + + Good noise control, handheld shooting is not a problem. Panasonic two years relying on the advantages of the algorithm, the performance of tolerance is also good, also reflected in the video. Video capture has been Panasonic’s strengths, such as G series and the GH series are excellent video machine, LX10 in video performance inherited this tradition.

Product: LX10 Panasonic Digital Cameras14 summarizes both professional and fun
Summary of professional and interesting balance

Summary of this evaluation, Panasonic LX10 the author of a very good impression from the first time to use feelings, the work performance of this camera is very good, compared to the black card, LX10 more than a small handle, so the grip experience has greatly improved; and the touch screen can be said to be an important bonus items, LX10 not only looks good, but also very easy to use touch, now regarded as the best use of a class of touch screen.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 camera

In actual use one, LX10 algorithm is really nice, especially high sense of noise control, much better performance than RX100V. But the Leica lens although the taste good, but the resolution does not seem to Sony’s Zeiss lens performance is good. In actual use, F1.4 large aperture can be used, which allows the camera’s ability to blur and low-light shooting significantly improved.

4K Panasonic family bucket favorite routine, almost each machine has a 4K family bucket, but LX10 we see a lot of new algorithms such as depth of field synthesis upgrade, let 4K additional features of this camera is more practical. 4K continuous shooting is a good way to solve the continuous shooting speed, and now the 4K continuous shooting has been able to do to raise his hand on the shoot, shooting a very high success rate.

F1.4 large aperture force black card Panasonic LX10 camera evaluation
Panasonic LX10 camera

I use LX10 has been for some time, from the actual terms of the author does not seem in the LX10 find anything flawed, if you insist pick disadvantage may Matsushita on subtle feature can also be enhanced, for example, can only be used under a wide-angle mode tab But the author did not find any big flaws, for the card machine, this is really not easy. The lens ring can not be adjusted.

Dong Mingzhu: I Do Not Have Friends

December 15, held in Beijing at the China Manufacturing Summit, Dong Mingzhu individual joint Dalian Wanda Group and other four well-known domestic enterprises, and new energy companies Zhuhai Yinlong signed capital increase agreement, co-financing, shares this new energy companies. This is an ordinary business behavior, but because of Dong Mingzhu’s personal involvement, has become a hubbub. Regardless of the acquisition of the market evaluation of how this year has been the focus of constant Dong Mingzhu, once again to their own heat plus the fire. Dong Mingzhu and Zhuhai Silver Long, is not the first time a hot spot.


November 16, Gree Galaxy Electric program to confirm the failure of the acquisition, the media comments, Dong Mingzhu car dream broken. In this a few days later, the competent authorities of the Gree Group, Zhuhai City, the SASAC, issued a notice of appointment and removal of personnel, notice shows that Dong Mingzhu was in late October this year, was removed from the Gree Group Chairman of the office, Only served as a subsidiary of Gree Group, is also one of its main business, “Gree Electric” chairman, president and legal representative. Is the appointment and removal, causing a lot of speculation in the industry and the media.

Reporter: outside a lot of speculation, Zhuhai SASAC on the Gree Group, was issued this notice, appointment and dismissal notice, the use of the word is removed, but Gree external response is that you take the initiative to apply for resignation, an active , A passive, do you think this inside, expression, what is the difference?

Dong Mingzhu: Of course, if you are from the two literal, as if there will be problems, but my understanding is the same, because in short, you are words or no, you are no longer that office, so I And do not care about it.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, Dong Mingzhu, as a subsidiary of Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., and made an almost beyond all imagination The decision: Gree employees per person per month a unified salary increase of 1,000 yuan, the installation of air conditioning for each additional 100 yuan. This decision is caused in the community a huge wave.

Reporter: Some people say that you are in a fit of anger, because to avoid me, so I pay.

Dong Mingzhu: If pique, my profits will decline, I increase wages, my profits, and have not been affected, so I think a lot of people, he is standing on his point of view, because the 1000 dollars added, They do have a lot of pressure, other companies must add.

Reporter: You want to set a benchmark for the industry, said that this should be reflected in the value of employees?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, like our country, have the minimum wage, I add 1,000 yuan this time, I think I was raising a minimum wage, I will let Gree people go out, he felt I was Gree people , He has a kind of pride.

Reporter: Not only do I do, others do the same.

Dong Mingzhu: Yes.

Reporter: Do you want others to do the same?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, I hope they do so.

Reporter: If others do not?

Dong Mingzhu: do not do this, I have no alternative. But I have been in this industry, I think we must establish a benchmark, including pre-installation workers to add 100 dollars, we also feel that why do you give the installer plus 100 dollars. You look at foreign countries, the price of air conditioning installed abroad, with the price of buying a device is the same, how much money we are, but also high-altitude operations, more difficult, the industry has no one to do, he would rather in the Internet , In the so-called Internet cafes, open a shop, lying home, earning 1000 dollars a month, do not be the crime, what is the glory of workers, I think it is to close the gap, that is, should use this method to gradually Narrowing the gap.

Dong Mingzhu, was born in 1954 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, an ordinary people, brothers and sisters, she was the youngest. She graduated from the Anhui Wuhu cadre education college statistics professional, in 1975 in Nanjing, a chemical research institute to do administrative work. Son 2 years old, her husband died. In 1990, Dong Mingzhu resigned from the previous work, one person came to Zhuhai, and joined the predecessor of Gree Gree air conditioner factory, became a business salesman, that year, 36-year-old Dong Mingzhu.

Reporter: 36 years old, the child was so little, can come out, why?

Dong Mingzhu: an accidental opportunity, I from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, think Zhuhai is too beautiful, the natural kind of beauty, I would like to rest, in that break under the results to the Haley, was formerly Hayley Gree, then the sea Lee chose to work, I think I do not want to ease, I think it is a chance to challenge, too comfortable used to, so I chose to sell.

Reporter: But the child was 8 years old?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes.

Reporter: That would have to make a choice, because at that time, may be the most need to accompany the child?

Dong Mingzhu: because my child before the age of 5, is growing up in my hand, whether it is a business trip, where to Ye Hao, almost did not leave me.

Reporter: The more so the more reluctant?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, but I later came, because the choice of this career, was very simple, I was in Haley to work when the monthly salary, about 200 dollars or so, but sales are commissioned, so those logistics Personnel, probably is three or four thousand dollars a year, but I can then take more than ten million.

Reporter: Is it for money or for?

Dong Mingzhu: not just for the money, that is where the environment is good, but then because of the choice of career, its income is higher, why do not you challenge?

Reporter: But did not do sales experience, how do you know that he is the line or not?

Dong Mingzhu: Because I do not know if I can not, I can try.

Reporter: This is your character?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, I’ll try.

In 1990, the entire coastal cities are agitated in the vitality of the germination of the market economy. 36 years old, many people began to plan for the rest of his life, but for Dong Mingzhu, everything has just begun.

Dong Mingzhu: In fact, I do not love a prickly person, because I have never told my mother, turn a mouth, even if my mother is wrong, I will not loudly to my mother.

Reporter: submissive, meek.

Dong Mingzhu: very obedient to my mother, in fact, I do not love a prickly person, as if you say Dong Mingzhu speak, feel like your behavior is not similar, I think I prick, because my responsibility in this position no way.

The beginning of fear, do not know how to do Dong Mingzhu, in the real business to become a grass-roots salesman, showing a huge energy. In 1992, Dong Mingzhu sales in Anhui exceeded 16 million yuan, accounting for the entire company 1/8. Subsequently, she was transferred to almost no trace of market cracks in Nanjing, and soon signed a 200 million air-conditioning list. Not only that, within a year of her personal sales jumped to 36.5 million yuan, creating the then sales myth.

Reporter: When did you find yourself in the sale of a hand?

Dong Mingzhu: In fact, I think there is no single-handedly, is really someone else on the marketing of a wrong understanding, in fact, you still have to be sincere, the second I think it should be hard, the third to think about.

Reporter: sincere, hard-working, thinking.

Dong Mingzhu: Yes.

Reporter: In other words, these three points, not only in the marketing above, you use these three points in any industry, will be successful.

Dong Mingzhu: We were all, can take away the goods do not give money, I was the only one salesman, money to be shipped.

Reporter: Why do you can do?

Dong Mingzhu: I think it is a responsibility, I am responsible for this business, because there are too many uncertain factors, if the dealer, dealer drag my money, I was finished.

In 1994, Gree internal a serious crisis, some key clerk suddenly “collective resignation”, Dong Mingzhu unmoved, insisted on staying in Gree. Not only that, she has repeatedly broken to create their own sales records, and ultimately the unanimous vote for the company operating minister.

Reporter: When you from a person, to a team responsible for the time, their responsibility to target, there is no change?

Dong Mingzhu: completely different, this time to challenge, is really a human choice, such as I be a good person, when you go to blame others, he is not agree with you.

Reporter: Man must be offended people?

Dong Mingzhu: we must offend people, do not offend you do not good, because in the past our business people with the dealer is a group, because there is no money can be shipped, so when I go back as Minister, I will To them, first of all, the first settlement, paragraph to be credited into account in order to ship.

Reporter: see money delivery?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, no money no one has the power to ship, the second, I did one thing, the general manager to bring the requirements of the staff than the average employee demand higher.

Reporter: You are not blatantly against the leadership of doing?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes, then I told the leadership, I said, in fact, I do, in fact, I is the most respect for you, because they are holding your tiger when the flag, he deceived a group of people, more People will be the illusion that this person is the leader of the first will be his behavior as the standard, the second he did wrong we dare not speak, such an environment spread down, do you think this business can not have combat, do not may.

Reporter: Do you operate the Minister of the time, this business is not your?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes.

Reporter: Why should stand in a business perspective, to consider to establish a system, the Chinese people say a word old, called the gas and money.

Dong Mingzhu: In fact, when I was a minister, others did not think, because when I was a clerk, especially good speech, come back with no interest on the conflict, we all feel particularly good Dong sister speech.

Reporter: An official changed?

Dong Mingzhu: When I became an official, when the minister, not official, when a small minister, my salesman even told me that Dong Jie we each salesman to give you 50,000 years, you put our Rebate increased, the commission a little higher, this is the transaction.

Reporter: In a position, people are a little more lubricant, comfortable, no one comfortable, if you set up a system, business is not you, you offend people.

Dong Mingzhu: wanted to put this business, I am in this position, due diligence to do a good job.

Set up the system will offend people, Dong Mingzhu offended not only subordinates, leaders and distributors, including his own brother. March 2015, Dong Mingzhu to accept the “face to face” when an exclusive interview with reporters, there was such a description.

Dong Mingzhu: At that time in May 1995, when the weather is hot, Wuhan, a central rate CEOs, I do not know how they will find my brother, and then my brother is very happy, because fortune to come, he said, as long as you Help me get one million air-conditioning, I’ll give you two or three thousand dollars, so he called me and said, I hope I can get to this air-conditioning.

Reporter: This is in line with the provisions of it? Sell ​​who are sold, sold to their loved ones, how can not?

Dong Mingzhu: from the economic point of view, our business has not been any harm, because sell who are a price, and sold him, dealers also make money, my brother can get money.

Reporter: No losers?

Dong Mingzhu: no losers, three win.

Reporter: Did you do?

Dong Mingzhu: I do so, all my subordinates, my subordinates, our dealers, will use another way of thinking, and Gree to work, the first my employees say, your ministers can do, we Also give us a good relationship dealers, we partner, we all make a fortune, may be formed such an effect, the second dealer is concerned, when it comes to the relationship between Gree as long as the line, it is no system, and become a Relationship, the third, if I do so, how do I let my staff to discipline, may eventually be all businesses, no matter what kind of means he used to get your goods, but he from Inside, he does not recognize your business, he has no confidence in your business, our biggest loss is no confidence, no credibility, so my brother refused.

Reporter: dealers offended also offended, there are other dealers, but only one brother, brother is irreplaceable, how to tell him?

Dong Mingzhu: I was very anxious to call, I told him that you do not have to, I put the phone to the dumped. My brother was very depressed very angry, the results of this dealer, in turn, also called to ask him, saying that this is your sister, my brother was writing a letter of Juejue, I do not have your sister.

Reporter: Later, how your relationship?

Dong Mingzhu: My brother is really do not understand, do not deal with more than a decade, because he had a letter of dereliction has been to me, is not from. When he was sick last year, I went to see him, he later said a word, I think it is quite moved, he said I finally understand you today, you pay so much, you can give me the convenience does not give me convenient , He said I can also understand that if we all go to drag your hind legs, Gree may not be today.

Dong Mingzhu as the operating minister in time, a statement about her spread like wildfire. “Dong Mingzhu walked the road, even the grass is not long.”

Reporter: Dong Mingzhu walked the road, even the grass is not long, this sentence is a commendatory or derogatory, in what circumstances say?

Dong Mingzhu: From the enterprise management point of view, I think it is compliment, from the opposite side, this person can not deal with her, I remember in 1996, when a man, let me advertise, took a Contract to say a certain leadership let me come to you to do planning, the contract was written like 400 million, called me to sign, I said I signed with you what you plan, you can not plan, you can Help me do, I say you go back to the program used to say, when he left, the road scolded me, saying that you walk through the road, barren.

Reporter: Do you think this is someone else boast you, or?

Dong Mingzhu: hate me, from him to send this sentence is hate me, but I from this sentence, I have to emphasize more insist, I do not care what people say, I only care about what I did you for a small part Vested interests of the compromise, you are irresponsible for others, irresponsible for your power, I still will not change my character, because my character which is more insist on right and wrong, give up work outside, I do not have such a character, only in the work, I think only two words, the principle, no deal.

Dong Mingzhu was promoted to the Minister of Operations a year later, the company sales revenue increased by 7 times, from 400 million yuan to 2.8 billion. In 1996, China ushered in a cool summer, air conditioning industry, a depression, but Dong Mingzhu led the company 23 marketing clerk, so Gree sales growth of 17% for the first time become the vanguard of the domestic air conditioning industry. Since then, Gree air-conditioning for 10 years production and sales, sales revenue, market share ranking first in the country. In 2001, Dong Mingzhu as general manager of Gree.

Dong Mingzhu: When I was general manager in 2001, to rectify the style of cadres, that year caught a few people, others say Dong Mingzhu how do you, people caught, I said I caught him, he himself caught , I am also a pity.

Reporter: In your business from the clerk to the president to the president, the company general manager of this process, is not himself is gradually found that his character inside, there are not familiar with, even their own do not think?

Dong Mingzhu: there is no excavation of things, dig out.

Reporter: What is your fun, some people think you are tired?

Dong Mingzhu: I think people really have to be valuable, or have a dream, so I was very happy that I rectify after the company has undergone fundamental changes, starting in 2001, behind 10 years, no longer The phenomenon of employee strikes occurred.

Dong Mingzhu like to use the data to speak, the end of 1994, she began to serve as minister of Gree Electric Appliances, the company’s actual annual sales of about 400 million, but by 2012, Gree has achieved 100 billion in sales. Air conditioning sales for eight consecutive years ranked first in the world, that is, this year, Dong Mingzhu addition to the chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances, Gree also officially became the parent company – Gree Group Chairman. Gree officially opened the power of a high degree of concentration of “Dong Mingzhu era.”

Reporter: how do you see the relationship between you and Gree Group, how to locate?

Dong Mingzhu: Gree Group, it turned out to be the Zhuhai Industrial Development Corporation, because the Gree appliances well, the name they take the crown with, so with such a historical origin, if Gree is not called Gree, I believe No one to pay attention to it, then the Gree Group, there are dozens of enterprises, today no longer exists, and you think it is important to investors, or managers important to some extent, the manager is more important than the investors , If a family, not a good person to take care of the case, you think you have the ability to make money on the outside, the family can live okay, the same below a group of companies, why Gree Can survive, and that more than 20 companies, one by one bankruptcy, and closed down, the problem is important or important capital, I believe is important, is definitely not a capital work.

Dong Mingzhu in the home appliance industry is called “desperate Saburo”, “China A letter.” Since 2005, Gree air-conditioning production and sales for 10 consecutive years lead the world, more than 300 million users. Because of this, she was selected several times in the United States, “Fortune” magazine “the world’s 50 most influential businesswomen,” Dong Mingzhu also doing my part to become the spokesman for Gree brand.

Reporter: For a lot of light to see the news, from the news about your people, Gree is Dong Mingzhu, Dong Mingzhu is Gree.

Dong Mingzhu: Of course, I think Gree is Dong Mingzhu, Dong Mingzhu is Gree’s right.

Reporter: property rights is not.

Dong Mingzhu: property rights is the public, because it is a listed company, will never be mine. I personally think that business is not you, really does not matter, a lot of people say that Dong Mingzhu where you should serve, how should you, then I think my whole life, only an air conditioner made the ultimate, I really dream People around the world, he only chose Gree, but I believe that this dream will never do.

Reporter: Why?

Dong Mingzhu: because seven billion people all use, all the other brands on the death over.

Reporter: Why do you have this dream?

Dong Mingzhu: Because I think, have a dream to have power.

Reporter: Do you know that this dream is impossible?

Dong Mingzhu: But I can do 50%, 60%, 70%.

Reporter: your worth is how to count, how to reflect?

Dong Mingzhu: I am worth is the annual salary.

Reporter: How much annual salary, you can say?

Dong Mingzhu: It can be said.

Reporter: I see there are reports that the pre-tax 500 million, after-tax more than 200 million, or this has not changed?

Dong Mingzhu: should be five or six million, I have to pay taxes, I think the tax glory, five or six million, I will not say engage in an invoice to fill, and then the money to their own pockets.

Dong Mingzhu: should be between five or six million, I have to pay taxes, I think the tax glory, five or six million, I will not engage in an invoice to fill, and then the money to their own pockets.

Dong Mingzhu straight to the character, so she became the legendary “easy to recruit black” constitution. Especially in the current media habits of a single context and the explosion of the public opinion of the environment, she is often described as paranoid, aggressive, unreasonable, overbearing female president of the image of a lot of all-male entrepreneurs mainly occasions, Dong Mingzhu female label is unique and alternative. And how to balance the good cause and the relationship between many family life, every woman entrepreneurs have to face the problem.

Reporter: Your company, all the time on the ride, including you have a son, between mother and son of this exchange, will not work too much, will reduce?

Dong Mingzhu: Of course, this is in the affirmative, something is wrong, I once said, let the world be beautiful, you can not let everyone sacrifice, most people enjoy the results, but there must be very few people, he must To pay.

Reporter: Do you calculate a very small part of it?

Dong Mingzhu: In the field of air conditioning count it.

Reporter: What do you pay?

Dong Mingzhu: I paid all my personal fun, I have no friends, because I can not have friends, for example, I have a classmate to find me, he said Dong Mingzhu, when you CEOs, we give you some matching, of course He may be supporting the quality of products will be good, but he destroyed my corporate culture, will let all of our employees believe that this is a relationship with the total Dong, may be that he did not dare to go to the quality standards.

Reporter: is that you take the initiative not to make friends?

Dong Mingzhu: Yes.

Reporter: That has no friends, and no family to accompany, no small family of such family.

Dong Mingzhu: This is lonely.

Dong Mingzhu: This is lonely.

Reporter: used to it?

Dong Mingzhu: used to it.

Reporter: like it?

Dong Mingzhu: can not say like, everyone in accordance with their own like, this harmony can not be achieved.

In Dong Mingzhu view, the biggest turning point in this life is the husband’s death. She said, “If this is not the case, I will not go now this road, if he is, will not agree with me to Zhuhai after her husband died in 1984, Dong Mingzhu no choice of marriage.

Reporter: As a woman there is a very important one, is the family of small nuclear family, for example, a marriage to a woman’s satisfaction, happiness, you do not have to take the initiative to choose?

Dong Mingzhu: because the beginning I think my son, I do not want, in fact, the son of the mind, you see a lot of that kind of restructuring of the family’s impact on children, or very large.

Reporter: is to his son, or to work not to choose marriage?

Dong Mingzhu: the beginning is to the son, because I brought the child, when still very young, if you want to choose a family, or very easy, but my bones which may have a kind, do not rely on others that Species, but not long outbreak, and later have this power, may be completely exposed. My son graduated from kindergarten to college, to graduate school, I did not go to his school once.

Reporter: Indeed, as a female entrepreneur, has made great achievements, all of which have seen, but as a woman, do you think this lifetime be considered happiness?

Dong Mingzhu: happiness and dreams are not the same, some say I play mahjong every day happy, some people I travel every day, traveling around the country very happy, but I see my data every day changes, I am very happy.

From the data performance point of view, at present, Gree air-conditioning occupy the domestic share of up to 40% in the industry with absolute dominance, and share in the global air-conditioning accounted for more than 22%, these data enough to make Dong Mingzhu happy. However, with the retirement of this year, chairman of Gree Group, many people began to worry about, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree’s position, but also how long.

Reporter: You can be re-appointed in 2018, general manager of the board of directors is certain.

Dong Mingzhu: I think it is not to worry.

Reporter: Have you ever thought of the worst results, that is, you did not choose?

Dong Mingzhu: I think the election is not elected, investors will have the right choice, if there are really good people than me, if they say that such a person elected, why I am not happy?

Dong Mingzhu: I think the election is not elected, investors will have the right choice, if there are really good people than me, if they say that such a person elected, why I am not happy?

Yu Minghong

Alibaba market value: $ 227.5 billion; New Oriental market value: $ 6.9 billion.

Ma and I bad eight words: the more defeat the Vietnam War, the more frustrated the more courageous.

Ma, I really admire him, first of all he and I have the same experience, I took 3 years to go to college, he is also a test for 3 years.

I am also luckier than he was, I was admitted to the undergraduate of Peking University, Ma admitted to the Hangzhou Teachers College specialist. We can see, in addition to the different looks, there are differences in IQ.

However, Alibaba to the United States in 2014 to the New York Stock Exchange listed, the market value of 200 billion US dollars, New Oriental than Alibaba as early as a step, we went to the United States in 2006, New Oriental’s market capitalization is now only 6.9 billion US dollars.

Sometimes I think, I Ma gap with where?

Later found that I gap with him in the last eight words, Ma is a typical Vietnam defeated the Vietnam War, the more frustrated the courage of the characters, I am not typical of such personality.

Alibaba is Ma to do the first five companies. Ma after graduating from college, when the university teacher, but also with me the same.

1: I first came out to open a foreign language training classes, New Oriental, the first training course enrollment of 13 people, 3 years later, over the same period students to 5000 people, one stroke success. Ma first class of 20 people, 3 years after the training course or 20 individuals, training courses failed.

2: Ma has done a translation agency, how to do how at a loss.

3: followed by a Chinese yellow pages, and failed.

4: Ma went to Beijing to open a joint venture, did less than six months, or failed.

Please think about it, if it is you, even do four companies have failed, how would you do? What would you think of yourself?

Lao Tzu is not a natural thing to do this material, I was born to work for other people’s material, I do not open the company. But Ma is like, in front of the failure is to lay the foundation for the future to do the world’s largest companies. I finally see the difference between me and Ma.

The difference between people, not in family status, is not in appearance, not on what university.

Remember, in this world, you can control the fate of your own. 90% of people are followers, but you are not, please remember that you are to lead the world!

Sometimes, blocking our footsteps, it is not willing to take the first step of their own.

Because of fear, do not want to break through their own, eventually leading to permanent mark.

What do we need for our lives? Is a breakthrough.

Sometimes, blocking our progress, it is not willing to take the first step of their own.

When I walked into Beijing University, I was full of inferiority for several years, always felt that this is not OK, it does not work, speak Mandarin will not speak, literary and sports can not.

My only sport would be swimming, but only a dog would dig. Swimming lessons, my teacher laughed and said never saw a man to swim so fast, I was ashamed.

In Peking University to see men and women students love, I found myself no courage to pursue my favorite girls, even though I like a lot of girls.

Because I can not get rid of inferiority complex, I can not get rid of my self-cheap, I look down on myself. I was a rural child, wearing a ragged, looks a little better than Ma, but not ye to. I want to chase, to the end result is not rejected? Do not lose face?

I have four years in college, never participated in any campaign of cadres, because I know, I want to campaign, 80% of the possibility of failure, how would you evaluate me?

You see Yu Minhong even he wanted to run for the student union cadres, in order to avoid failure I simply do nothing. Now think back to my college life, in addition to reading a few books, pay a few friends, the other life is almost a blank.

Because of fear, do not want to break through their own, and finally lead us to stay in place forever. We must break through the inferiority of the shell, light of the cheap, timid virtual, failure of fear, can be courageously forward.

Life is like ECG, high low, if smooth sailing, you hung up

ECG itself is high and low, very uneven, it shows the vitality of life, if your life is plain sailing, that you hang up, your life sailing, there may be setbacks, the spirit of the collapse.

Later, I finally want to understand, would rather life more setbacks, do not want to life just covered with flowers, because in the middle of frustration, you can see more of the landscape, you can feel more of the ups and downs of life.

Once Huang Xiaoming said, Yu teacher, I play the okay? I said you played very well, but you did not put my temperament to perform, he said what is temperament? I said temperament is a man after numerous ups and downs, every action is full of wisdom of life, this is temperament.

Yu Minhong: Ma and I bad eight words, the result of wealth difference of 220 billion dollars

In the “Chinese partner” movie, Huang Xiaoming plays the prototype, the new Oriental founder Yu Minhong

The road of life has never been a straight road, as long as the heart of each person has a mountain, the road and then twists and turns, but also to reach the peak of your life and the Peak, I hope you work together.

When your eyes only see the difficulties, the goal is hard to stop, you will always be a loser

What is the most important thing in life?

Attention and penetration.

Penetration: that is, you can exclude all around the chaos, eyes staring at you the way forward, that is, penetration.

I hope to become China’s education in the field of the best education assistant, put it nicely, educators. But until now, I do not know, to educators should be doing? But I know that I have been working on this road.

My life, from the phased target began.

A stage: to become a good farmer;

The second stage: leave the countryside, admitted to the university;

Three stages: I hope that after graduation, to stay in Beijing University as a teacher;

Four stages: I hope to go to the United States to study;

The first three goals have been achieved, but the fourth, and finally complete despair and ended. But now think about it, I suddenly found, thanks to being refused.

It is refused to let me once again despair, let me think, I will never have money at Peking University, I have to make money on their own, so with the New Oriental. So that the stage of the target, as long as you can stick to it is a good thing.

When our life has a goal, if your eyes can penetrate difficult, toward the goal, the goal is always the greatest. You will become successful, when your eyes only see the difficulties, the target is difficult to stop, you will always be a loser.

Yu Minhong: Ma and I bad eight words, the result of wealth difference of 220 billion dollars

I have been New Oriental, the oldest person, often asked himself, is not to become weak and mediocre

How many people experience difficulties in their lives to give up their goals:

To find a job, cast a few resumes no one wants to give up; entrepreneurship, a failure to give up on the test, not to test the past to give up;

We have to give up too many things in life, see too many difficulties, so that we become a loser at once, but you do not like Ma, from failure has been to success, you do not like me, go toward success. In fact, success is not how long to adhere to, is a time without hope, you still stick to it.

How many of us in the 30 years of age, slowly tell yourself, you must adhere to? What do most of us see? We become increasingly mediocre, we are full of confusion; we encounter with all kinds of difficulties.

With our romance, as we graduated from college to find a job, as we can not find resources, we become more and more timid, more and more weak. We began to give up their dreams, we even give up their small goals. In the end, we echoed the whole society, and gave myself a very nice name, called “light and dust.” In fact, is to get your light gone, and your spirit and soul, does cover up all the dust.

80% of the people in the world have spent their lives in obscurity, complaining about the days of their daily lives, are not satisfied with the community and the surrounding relatives and friends, to send their own days, they never wanted to In the end, lost what?

They lost their dreams, lost their perseverance, lost their faith, and never had anything to believe. What is left behind? Is mediocre, confused, cowardly, give up and echo.

To date, I have been New Oriental’s oldest person, over 50 years old, but very fortunate that I still have to tell myself every moment, are asking myself, where is my dream? Where is my faith? I still insist on what? I have not become weak, has become mediocre, has become to give up their ideals?

How Do I Get Rid of

What is

You can easily find out that is a search page and it can work as the other engines. But it is not true. If you had such experience to use it, you would observe it working soon and links you to the results of googles. That is to say, it is not even a real search accessories, let along the other functions it promises you. We are sure that is a browser hijacker and it harms your PC in dozens of ways.

How does harm the PC?

As mentioned before, will pretend to be a useful search engine. Its goal is to link users to the websites which have close relationship with it and to earn thousands of money in this way. Therefore, their links are always fake. Besides, when you want to remove it and reset the settings, you will find that your browsers has already lost functions. Under such circumstances, you can do nothing to refresh the browsers. And then, it can even directly replace the addresses you input.
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Way to Get Rid of Fast Social for Google Chrome Totally

Fast Social for Google Chrome

Fast Social for Google Chrome is an adware which is acquired by the package of freeware and in this way it can get inside yourPC openly without consent. We categorize it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It can get your system slammed. Besides, it can also steal information from your PC. As a result, your life will become miserable.

When Fast Social for Google Chrome gets inside any PC, it will go about as a program extension or plugin to dispel the suspicion from users. It seems to suggest you with the best discounts or price for worldwide fashion items and it is easy to pull in the users who are crazy about shopping. But even you are not into shopping, you will be attracted by its convenience.

way to get rid of Fast Social for Google Chrome
Fast Social for Google Chrome spam ads

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