Guide to Remove virus Permanently

Analysis on .ziptox1 file virus

If you find that your personal documents and files are renamed with unknown extension and you are not able to open them, your PC is infected with Ransomware. And .ziptox1 file virus is one of them causing such severe issue. Same here, it could likewise bring about numerous scamsto bother you. It could be utilized to remotely control your PC by programmer. You ought not take it easy. Because it will finally destroy your PC.

how to delete .ziptox1 file virus

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Best Way to Remove virus virus virus works as encrypting users’ files so that it could blackmail users to provide a large sum of money. And we classify as a ransomware and it is commonly found to infect PC in an intrusive manner recently. virus will first encrypt all the files and these files may cover documents, texts, video, radio, programs, and so on. Almost all the files here on the PC will be infected. And then, it leaves you a readable text with the current situation explanation and a website which you could remit money to exchange the key to decrypt these files. Under this circumstance, many users will consider to buy it to rescue their important files. But we don’t recommend you to do so. virus removal method

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Help to Get Rid of PMGTPSM file virus

PMGTPSM file virus

PMGTPSM file virus is regarded as a ransomware. Although users cannot detect it when it enters into the PC, they can judge it from the infection by it. Normally, all the files on this PC will lose functions, including the xtml. ,doc, .png, pdf, asp., and so on. They can be opened and texted. And if this happens, you can be sure that there is ransomware on your PC. And PMGTPSM file virus is one of them

When PMGTPSM file virus changes all these files, it will of course leave some trace for you to contact them for help. There is generally a txt file or a picture, which exist on the bottom of each folder. It is the only thing readable at this moment. It will instruct you to make some payment and their technicians will help you to recover all these files. Continue reading “Help to Get Rid of PMGTPSM file virus”

Sound quality is the key weapon of the future mobile phones

With the mobile phone market, more and more serious homogenization, various mobile phone manufacturers are racking their brains to their own mobile phone to add new features and selling points, in order to model configuration differences among the little Friends Access to the first system advantage. While the smart phone’s audio performance, has become a lot of difference between the selling point of mobile phones.

On to provide users with excellent listening experience, the traditional mobile phone manufacturers will focus on two aspects of optimization, that is in the phone’s sound quality and sound effects make efforts.

In the sound quality is usually carried in the phone with a separate audio chip to provide better audio output capabilities, so in a period of time, domestic manufacturers are equipped with its Hi-Fi-level models of audio chips, such as Meizu’s PRO 6 Plus, TCL iDol X +, vivo X9 Plus, etc. have added a separate audio chip, but also want to take this to replace the traditional audio player.


In sound, the recent launch of many music phones which also have most of the audio technology solutions, so we in the new phone’s audio settings or players to see from DTS, Dolby, Maxxaudio, etc. sound effects Increase technology. Compared to by carrying independent audio chip to improve the sound quality approach to enhance the sound method can remove a lot of hardware (audio chip) adaptation, optimization of the cost, enough to meet the needs of ordinary users.

Then the problem comes, although the two methods can improve the hearing experience, but each has its advantages and disadvantages let the supporters of the two factions dispute, then the phone sound and sound quality of the dispute, who is the real consumer Need it?

From a technical perspective, in the mobile phone by adding a separate audio chip approach is to improve the quality of the most direct and most effective method of mobile music.

When we need to play back the music in the phone, the phone will first handle the music files on the flash memory, parse the audio digital signal in the file, and then convert the digital signal into analog by DAC chip or Codec chip (DAC part) Signal, after the conversion of the signal but also through the op amp chip, the weak analog signal output amplification headphones, so the decoder chip, op amp chip is equally important.

Simply put, a good decoder chip and op amp chip is like a person with Teana-like voice and lung capacity sufficient lungs, to sing the beautiful sounds of both indispensable.

But then again, if the upgrade so obvious, why independent decoder and op amp chip has not become standard? In fact, the outstanding performance of independent audio chip like a mobile phone processor, like in the operation process will consume a lot of power and generate considerable heat, if the phone by adding a separate audio chip, the body will face in the heat, motherboard circuit design Great test, the phone’s battery life will be a substantial decline, so some manufacturers will choose only to improve the op amp, which take into account the sound quality and life.

Not only has a very high technical requirements in the capital to the manufacturers out of the problem. Independent decoder, power amplifier chip will bring a substantial increase in cost, in order to maintain a reasonable price, manufacturers may be in the processor and memory and other hardware configuration has shrunk, but no doubt will lead to general user dissatisfaction. Followed by the audio chip in the relatively tight capacity, with greater shipments in the smart phone will undoubtedly lower the overall supply capacity of mobile phones is not conducive to seize the initiative in the market above, which undoubtedly become a sound from the start with To the drawbacks.


In general, the mobile phone in the long run will become more and more easy to improve sound quality, battery improvements, the new process architecture to bring life to enhance the processor architecture, all for sound quality paved the way, and now many Upstream manufacturers have introduced an integrated audio chip, lower power consumption, the chip area is also smaller. In fact, whether it is sound or sound quality, I believe that consumers really need is to bring science and technology progress to the convenience of life, as well as unprecedented entertainment.

Uber was eventually abandoned in China

November 27, older versions of the Uber App will be full cessation of service in China. Didi launched in early October 26 a new version of Uber Chinese App, take full control of information with Uber driver, on the 27th was the final takeover date. This also means that, officially entered the Chinese market less than three years, and had to exit the Uber.

Over the years, the development of China in Uber bumpy constantly been at a relative disadvantage. But in such a highly competitive and a disorderly market, Uber has introduced a “ride” “ride” and other new services, creative marketing played cards (such as “one-button call ice cream”, “CEO drivers”, etc.), rejection over other local competitors, according to market a second prison. This is an American technology company in China’s largest fortune.

Recalling Uber enter China for three years, we may learn what?

Shanghai trial operation

As the originator of network software called the car, Uber first launched its services in 2010 in the San Francisco area. August 2013, Uber started trial operation in China, Shanghai coordinates.

Business information, company law is subject Uber Shanghai Yu Jia (Shanghai) Network Technology Service Co., Ltd., was established in September 5, 2013, the registered capital of 63 million yuan, the operating range of the network and provides software-related technical and advisory services, business information consulting, marketing planning.

Formal entry into China

In March 12, 2014, Uber official press conference held in Shanghai, announced the official to enter the China market, determined Chinese name “Uber” and to cooperate with Alipay. In July 14 after two and a half of trial operation, Uber officially entered the Beijing market, Beijing is the Uber Article 100 cities around the world.

For the people Uber

August 4, 2014, Uber in Beijing officially launched the “People’s Uber” service “people’s Uber” selected LOGO full of red pop imagery. In the following days, the cost is cheap, driving low barriers to entry “people’s Uber” almost became Uber all in China.

Pricing starts at only local taxi prices starting at 70%, meets activities even 50% discount. One year of driving experience driving as long as there is not an old private car, through Uber few hours of training can start making money, each running a single, there are 1.5 to 3 times in order price subsidies.

Uber checked

From the end of April 2015, more than one place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other networks began to investigate about cars. The official move to upgrade again, favorably step Guangzhou and Chengdu offices were seizure and confiscation of the phone, to Shanghai “fishing law enforcement” catch car driving to Beijing traffic enforcement Corps crack driving the window ……

Interestingly, after the May 7 second being investigated, also taking advantage of the Uber Guangzhou (: on the eve of “The Avengers 2 Alltronic era” in China released) made quite a pun meaning of “Summon Vengeance Alliance “marketing campaign to let people free rides Uber, Guangzhou team also took the opportunity to launch their job posting.

Uber red

Meanwhile, the lawyer in Silicon Valley for nearly a decade of work Liu Zhen added Uber, Uber China became head of strategy. Uber has begun to repair relations with the Chinese government. In July, the day of the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of China Uber celebrate 94 anniversary. September 23, in honor of Chinese President’s visit, Uber returned to the Seattle area in the user push posters “Welcome President Xi Jinping and his party visited the” map display and all vehicles have planted a Chinese flag.

It is worth mentioning that, Liu Zhen Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Holdings or niece, cousin Liu Qing, president of travel drops.

Chengdu, Uber first global traffic

October 20, 2015, in more than one hundred days in Chengdu, Uber announced the completion of Chengdu people called the car needs nearly 3.6 million, equivalent to a daily average of about 3.6 million passengers use the Uber cab out. This makes Chengdu more than New York, Uber order to become the highest city.

Envelopes are microbicides

As early as March 2015, Uber would have been to kill micro envelope. Uber-owned include “Uber China”, “Uber recruitment” and Uber Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other nine cities micro-channel public number all blocked, users share articles shared only as long as with Uber field will be right down to visible .

Tencent originally called shield because Uber Uber is a violation of policy micro-letter, later known as because of technical reasons, as “system instability.” In fact, around this “unstable” situation continued for three months. To December 4, micro-channel marketing name again to participate, blocked all accounts of Uber.

Loss of over one billion US dollars

February 19, 2016, Uber founder and CEO Travis Kara Nick (Travis Kalanick) in Vancouver to attend a private event admitted: “We are making money in the United States, but in China, we have lost more than a year $ 1 billion. “this is a large part of the $ 1 billion in subsidies battle with drops burned.

That time, the drops have been completed in 300 urban layout, with nearly 5,000 employees ── than Uber total global staff, and to Uber independent entity is operated by a small risk, when operating in the whole of China’s 21 cities only 300 people.

Merged with drops

In the first half of this year drops of financing documents show. 2015 is still a loss of more than 2 billion US dollars. Didi and Uber protracted war of subsidies is not sustainable, contrary to the objective of commercial law. Because of the war without end, “bleeding” without end. In order to end the war as soon as possible, one of them must bow.

August 1, called the car the two giants in the field of travel and Uber China drops merger was announced. Didi travel will acquire Uber Chinese brand, business, information, and all other operating assets in China. After agreement is reached, drops and Uber global travel will be holding each other, become each other’s minority shareholder equity, the valuation of the new company will reach $ 35 billion. Meanwhile, travel drops founder and chairman Cheng Wei will join Uber Global Board. Uber founder TK will also join the board of directors of travel drops.

The game is over, Uber exit.

How to Get Rid of Ads by RealTime

Analysis on Ads by RealTime

Ads by RealTime will send you news about rebates, deals, or any help you for shopping on the web. However, when you click on these ads, you are connected to some suspicious sites and they will get adware, spyware or virus on the PC. That is to say, Ads by RealTime is one of potentially unwanted program (PUP), and we don’t think it is ok for you to have it on your PC. Clearly, it can divert the web movement in front of your eyes. When you understand that all are rebuked for it at last, it is too late since it will destroy your PC immediately. Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Ads by RealTime”

Way to Get Rid of Fast Social for Google Chrome Totally

Fast Social for Google Chrome

Fast Social for Google Chrome is an adware which is acquired by the package of freeware and in this way it can get inside yourPC openly without consent. We categorize it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It can get your system slammed. Besides, it can also steal information from your PC. As a result, your life will become miserable.

When Fast Social for Google Chrome gets inside any PC, it will go about as a program extension or plugin to dispel the suspicion from users. It seems to suggest you with the best discounts or price for worldwide fashion items and it is easy to pull in the users who are crazy about shopping. But even you are not into shopping, you will be attracted by its convenience.

way to get rid of Fast Social for Google Chrome
Fast Social for Google Chrome spam ads

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Help to Get Rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up

1-866-643-2145 pop-up Overview

1-866-643-2145 pop-up is one of the most active virus that breaks out recently. It is a dangerous domain hosted by cyber criminals who make a living by scamming computer users. It enters Windows system easily through free application installer downloaded by users from third party websites. In the process of installing the freeware, users usually do not pay attention to the malware and virus in the hidden options, they just click Next button all the way to finish the installation, and then virus such a1-866-643-2145 pop-ups is activated on web browsers including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera,or IE. If you also mistakenly let 1-866-643-2145 pop-up get inside your system, you will be disturbed by annoying popups and ads all the time when you surf the Internet, and you may also need to sustain privacy leaking and money loss. It’s strongly suggested to get rid of it right now with the steps in this post.

remove  1-866-643-2145 pop-up

1-866-643-2145 pop-up is only used by its owner to monetize its website with commercial ads and spam ads. It inject codes on your web browser to reroute you to phishing pages which display misleading messages. These fake messages pretend to be Microsoft virus alert or software update notifications to cheat you into buying their services or products. Do not be taken in by such common online fraud. 1-866-643-2145 pop-up also will track your browser cookies to steal your sensitive information and leak it to unknown third parties. In that case, you will have to suffer from big financial loss. To avoid further damages, you need to take action to remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up immediately. The removal steps below will help you solve it quickly and safely, check details now:

For Windows OS Users

Tactic A – Manually Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from your computer (Complicated and Risky- Only advanced users with great computer technique can try this method)

Tactic B – Automatically Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up using advanced anti-malware tool (Easy and SafeIt is strongly suggested all users to use this method)

For Apple Mac OS Users

Automatically remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from your Mac by downloading the best system security software for Mac OS

Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from Windows OS

Tactic A – Manually Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from your computer

Friendly Reminder – This manual removal procedure requires the users to manually locate and remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from crucial section of Windows OS, including Registry, which is the most important section of computer. In case you are not familiar with Registry, you may make mistake in the process and cause severe consequence to your machine, for example, complete disable of entire system.

Therefore, before you choose this manual removal method, please ask yourself with these questions: 1. Am I an experienced, advanced PC user familiar with all knowledge of computer repair? 2. Have I ever successfully removed a virus manually through Registry? If the answers are negative, then do not try this manual removal method, because some mistakes you make in the Registry may ruin your computer and your personal files. We recommend all users to choose Tactic B to get rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up safely and easily.


If you are a computer expert, you can start the 1-866-643-2145 pop-up manual removal process now:

Step 1 – Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge).

On Google Chrome

Run Chrome > click Menu button> select More tools > click Extensions> click the trash can icon of any extension you want to delete

delete 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from chrome

help removing 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from chrome

On Mozilla Firefox

Run Firefox, click the “Menu” button> click the “Add-ons” button> select Extensions or Add-ons panel >click Disable or Remove button of any extension you want to delete

get rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from firefox

1-866-643-2145 pop-up removal from firefox

ie On Internet Explorer

Run Internet Explorer> click the gear menu >select “Manage add-ons”>Select the unwanted extension and click the “Disable” button

uninstall 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from Internet explorer

delete 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from Internet explorer

EdgeOn Microsoft Edge

Edge browser doesn’t support extensions now, you can skip this step and execute step 2 directly if you are a Microsoft Edge users.

Step 2 – Uninstall 1-866-643-2145 pop-up associated software from your computer.

No matter what Windows OS version you are using, you can use this method to uninstall 1-866-643-2145 pop-up related program.

1. Hold the Windows and “R”keys on your keyboard to open Run window;

2. Type in appwiz.cpl and press ENTER key to view the programs list in Control Panel;

3. Select 1-866-643-2145 pop-up or any other suspicious software you want to remove and click Uninstall.

uninstall 1-866-643-2145 pop-up
1-866-643-2145 pop-up removal guide

Step 3 Delete malicious registry entries added by 1-866-643-2145 pop-up and other infections from Registry.

1. Hold the Windows and “R”keys on your keyboard to open Run window;

2. Type in “Regedit ” and press Enter;

3. Press CTRL and F keys together and type in the name of virus to locate and delete its malicious files.

If you cannot find out the files of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up through this way, please manually locate these entries on your own:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random].exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AppDataLow\Software\ virus name
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\random character
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\“[random character]”


Important Note – 1-866-643-2145 pop-up and its related infections are capable of changing its name or entries in different computer, and it can rename your crucial system file with “1-866-643-2145 pop-up” name, thus you may delete wrong files and bring huge damage to your entire system. Therefore, if you are not a experienced computer users good at solving computer viruses, do not delete any registry file unless you can 100% confirm it as virus’ entry. It’s strongly suggested use the 1-866-643-2145 pop-up auto removal tool in Tactic B to help you find and remove all malicious files of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up safely and quickly.

fully remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up

1-866-643-2145 pop-up removal way

Tactic B – Automatically Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from your computer with Enigmasoftware Anti-Malware Suite.

Enigmasoftware Anti-Malware Suite contains 2 great tools – SpyHunter Anti-Malware tool and RegHunter system optimizing tool.

SpyHunter is one of the best antimalware software which can block virus and malware attacking and get rid of all kinds of computer infections, it’s recommended installing it to detect and remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up and any computer threat completely and quickly.

After SpyHunter delete all infections from your system, it’s necessary to use RegHunter to fix the Registry and solve other system errors cause by 1-866-643-2145 pop-up, then you can enjoy the best system performance that you will never experience. Get started now:

Step 1 – Download and Install SpyHunter Anti-Malware tool to detect and remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up .

1. Click download button here to get SpyHunter Installer:

Note – SpyHunter’s scanner offers you completely free malware detection without limit. Once it completes the scan, you can choose to manually remove the detected threats according to the virus entries listed in scan results; And you can choose to buy the SpyHunter license to get automatic malware removal feature which gets rid of all viruses for you safely and quickly. If you wish to uninstall SpyHunter, learn how here.

2. Double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install SpyHunter:

1-866-643-2145 pop-up removal tool

3. Click Start a New System Scan to detect 1-866-643-2145 pop-up and related malware:

1-866-643-2145 pop-up uninstall tool

4. Click Fix Threats to remove all infections related with 1-866-643-2145 pop-up:

get rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up totally

Step 2 – Download and Install RegHunter Windows Optimizer to fix Registry and other corrupted sections:

1. Click download button here to get RegHunter Installer:

2. Double-click RegHunter-Installer.exe to install RegHunter:

1-866-643-2145 pop-up removal tool

3. Click Scan for Registry Errors Now! to detect errors caused by 1-866-643-2145 pop-up:

way to get rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up

4. Click Repair All Errors to fix all system errors and speed up entire computer:

delete 1-866-643-2145 pop-up easily

Remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from Apple Mac OS

Mac OS computer is becoming a new target of cyber criminal and thousands of virus and malware are created everyday for attacking Mac. Tricky virus such as 1-866-643-2145 pop-up is also able to invade Mac computer and make big trouble to the users. Comparing to Windows OS, it will be more complicated for the users to handle system infections like 1-866-643-2145 pop-up. Therefore, our lab suggest all Mac users to equip their machines with the most trustworthy and reliable anti-malware tool – MacBooster, which is capable of blocking and removing Mac infections including Trojan, Worm, Browser Hijacker, Adware, SpyWare and Ransomware. Moreover, MacBooster can protect users’ personal files and privacy and avoid online fraud websites and ads. For the safety of your Mac and all personal files and information, get MacBooster to protect your system from now on:

1. Click the download button here to download and install MacBooster:

2. Run a system scan with MacBooster to diagnose your machine’s security status and detect all malicious items related with 1-866-643-2145 pop-up:

remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from mac and safari

3. Click Fix button to fix all system problems and remove 1-866-643-2145 pop-up infections from Mac automatically:

get rid of 1-866-643-2145 pop-up from Mac


Remove Mokes Malware Effectively

Mokes Malware

Mokes Malware is a malicious PUP / Adware which can silently attach on Edge, IE, Firefox and Google Chrome and control your browser to show you annoying ads. Commonly, Mokes Malware redirect will enter your machine by packing itself to third party free programs. Besides, spam email attachments can also drop Mokes Malware to your system. Once activated, you will be harassed by nasty popups from Mokes Malware and your privacy will be at risk. Mokes Malware aims at marketing its sponsors’ products and earn commissions to its maker.

Mokes Malware removal help
Mokes Malware popup ads

It modifies their browser setting to redirect to unwanted websites, thus the domain’s traffic will be increased a lot and its value will be enhanced. On the other hand, the Mokes Malware virus will spy on your online activities to collect your sensitive information. Furthermore, Mokes Malware introduces other threats to further damage your system. Beyond all questions, Mokes Malware is put everything on your system at risk, you should delete this adware right now.

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Effectively Remove Outfire Browser

Outfire Browser

Outfire Browser looks like a program which will provide you with numerous multifunctional applications or the information related to these applications. It will remind you to use it to search the applications you want or find something alike. Besides, its a browser extension and it could cover almost all types of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even Safari. So users have big chance to see it appear on their browsers.

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