Help to Get Rid of RZA4096 File Encryption Virus

Suddenly find that your files have been encrypted by RZA4096 virus? This post will teach you to remove RZA4096 completely and effectively

RZA4096 Description

RZA4096 is a severely harmful ransomware breaking out recently. This infection is designed by hackers to hack your system and encrypt your personal files including documents, images, media files and even emails. It mainly disseminates via spam email, free download resources, malicious website and so on. Once sneaking into the your computer, RZA4096 will firstly add abundant executable code to change your files into a weird extension, which will forbid you to open any infected file any more. Meanwhile, it will inform you that your files are infected by RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers or similar trojan and you have to buy the decryption key with bitcoins from them. It warns that they will delete your files forever if you do not buy the key in time.

way to delete RZA4096

But in fact it is another trap to get more money from you. When you pay the money, they have chance to hack your bank accounts to rob all the money in it. Even if they did not hack your account, they may sell fake decryption to you, thus you will pay for nothing. Our lab suggest you not sending money to the hacker, instead you need to remove RZA4096 right away to avoid further damages. After you remove RZA4096, you will have chance to restore some files if you use some top data recovery software.
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